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Is your hospital affiliated with Premier, Inc?  Aseptic Enclosures is a contracted supplier through Premier Inc.  Our two agreements with Premier; Pharmacy Planning and Conceptual Design and Primary Engineering Control Devices, allow us to help you achieve USP 800 and USP 797 compliance with the savings of Premier membership.  With all the ever-changing rules compliance it can be overwhelming. These new regulations and guidelines will offer more protection to pharmacists and workers to ensure the safe handling of chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs. USP 800 compliance as well as USP 797 compliance is our specialty here at Aseptic Enclosures. We work with industry leaders in the pharmaceutical compounding world to make sure we  offer the most update protective equipment whether it is clean rooms, isolators, laminar flow hoods, or HEPA Air Handling systems.  Let Aseptic Enclosures help your facility be the most the aseptic and safest working environment possible.

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Pharmacy Planning and Conceptual Design Contract

Schedule an on-site visit for an Aseptic Enclosures’ pharmacy design representative to come evaluate your facility’s day to day operations. We first perform an engineering controls assessment/audit for general USP
<797> and USP <800> compliance of any relevant physical clean space. A report will be provided for the Director of Pharmacy approximately two weeks after visit. Also included is the formation of the conceptual design to improve the facility’s aseptic quality. With Premier savings, we provide detailed needs assessment that will include project scope, design requirements, manufacturing processes, and construction considerations resulting in a three-dimensional conceptual design with rough field dimensions included.

Primary Engineering Control Devices (I.V. Hoods) Contract

We offer a wide range of custom equipment to meet USP 797 and USP 800 compliance, from compounding aseptic isolators to hoods and clean benches. Look to our broad product for solutions from multiple potential platforms to help create an environment that is also ergonomic, functional, efficient and cost-effective.

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