We have 2 ISO7 cleanroom trailers available for rent or purchase.

They are both buyback units Aseptic Enclosures originally manufactured that were fully furnished and used for sterile compounding. The units would be guaranteed and warranted to meet the required ISO and/or USP cleanroom standards. Design of the mobile cleanrooms is also compliant with the requirements of biology, military or medical labs.

Compact Size

  • Fit into standard 40′ shipping container
  • Standard Sea/Air/Land transportable
  •  Can be moved into position with the use of a forklift
  • Extreme durability from the custom shipping containers

Fully Furnished

  • Comes pre-equipped with all client needs and specs
  • Prefabricated and configured
  • Primary engineering controls
  • Compounding Aseptic Isolators (CAI & CACI)
  • Pass-through
  • Air-Lock safety entrance

Quick and Easy Setup and Installation

  • Minimal site prep needed
  • Plug and Play connectivity
  • Connects to standard power outlet and water supply
  •  Can be placed indoors and outdoors

The design process is crucial for a successful build. Our team of architects, engineers, equipment planners and representatives work with our clients in the initial needs assessment process.

After the assessment is complete, we work on submission of our first sign-off document, the conceptual design. Usually, within just a few days, we are able to submit an exceptionally detailed 3d model for evaluation and comment.

Typically, after just a few iterations we have “sign off” and begin ordering long lead items and producing detailed construction documents for final approvals.

They are built in less than 5 months from design to final on site installation. This is quicker than the time needed to get the permits from your local government for the facility expansion.

We build the configurations in shipping containers which yields an impressively durable installation. Units can be of various sizes. They can be stacked, combined, craned, forklifted or supplied on a leveling chassis for placement flexibility.

Each module is  built to meet your specific ISO classification, pressure, venting requirements and biological safety. Additionally, they are delivered factory tested and fully furnished and site prep requirements are minimal. Delivery, installation, startup and certification can all occur in just a few days. HVAC is included. These modules are made for the long haul and provide exceptional durability and mobility.


Aseptic Enclosures’  USP 800 Compliant mobile cleanrooms can be customized to meet your specific needs and after production, they can be delivered to anywhere in the world and can be set up to be used in days.

Clients have signed contracts for :

  • Test lab at a remote location.
  •  Extra capacity quickly and on short notice.
  • No need for permits for operating cleanroom with external HVAC vents.
  • A temporary solution to the increased strain on the healthcare system.
  • Becoming compliant with USP regulations.

These portable versions are built into standard 40’ HC containers that have standard attachment points, facilitating easy shipping by boat or on the road. Moreover, only an adequate source of power is needed at the installation site.

Design of the mobile cleanrooms complies with the requirements of biology, military or medical labs. To add more, the installed equipment is highly customizable as the interior design is always made according to the requirements of our customers and the appropriate regulations and standards.


We custom design specific to your application in a very short period of time, and we also install all the components faster than you ever thought possible. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that we have the highest quality available, and best of all, we offer rock bottom cleanroom pricing that absolutely can’t be beat.

We care about design, shipping, fabrication, and customer service efficiencies that save us money – savings. Furthermore, that we pass on to you. You’re looking for a reliable company that will ship your cleanroom to you on time, arrange for professional installation on your site, and back it all up with customer service that will make you smile.

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