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extend Compounding center to Additional Lab Space

Extending the Compounding Center through Additional Lab Space

One of the benefits of extending the Compounding center to Additional Lab Space is the flexibility and ease of change of the equipment and use cases of your cleanroom. Our MCCs are designed and built to meet our client’s current needs. However, it is important to add that the design and setup can be changed at any point further down the road. We’ve had projects where we were able to fit four hoods in one of these mobile shipping container units of 40-foot design, and still were able to meet the USP <797> standards. We also provide upgrades to 52-foot shipping containers for a bit roomier and perhaps a little easier to fit four primary engineering controls.

If you decide that you no longer need that many areas for your engineering controls and compounding needs, we can come in and combine the space that is currently allocated to clean operations and convert a section of the unit into an office and storage area that couples or walks into the cleanroom suite.

It doesn’t really matter if we’re going to do a new build from scratch or customize your current Mobile compounding center, we come up with a very detailed three-dimensional drawing of your requirement and we simulate the newly created environment to see if it would meet the regulations that you’re trying to meet.

The ease of customization also allows us to also reconfigure the HVAC system. This allows accommodating the changes like converting an engineering control space into an office or storage area so that the office will no longer dump air into the negative pressure buffer room.

That process can also be reversed, meaning that in case you need to expand the compounding capabilities, we can certainly convert the current storage space into a compounding cleanroom space.

What about converting Compounding center to Additional Lab Space?


We’ve also handled conversions of our MCCs that were once used as compounding centers to now be used as laboratory expansions. There is nothing in this definition that requires the¬†laboratory environment to be controlled in any way, but considering the fact that the MCC is by design compliant with the appropriate cleanroom standards, provides a much superior controlled environment. When used as a laboratory, the MCC unit can provide controls to the level of contamination from particles, along with other factors such as temperature, humidity, static, etc.

Our MCCs can be successfully used for your Biotech and Life Science purposes, or as an addition to your clinical laboratory. We’ve completed multiple configurations that allowed our clients to place all of the required labware and lab equipment along with superior office and storage spaces.



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