cleanroom installation

Cleanroom Installation

Our Mobile Compounding Clean Room (MCC) provides the benefit of having a very quick and flexible procedure of being installed. The MCC can be placed just about anywhere, but it is recommended to be placed on the ground in a level manner.

Our MCC also can be delivered on a chassis, which we have the ability to design and deliver a custom chassis that will fit your needs for your specific Mobile cleanroom installation.  The custom chassis provides the benefit of easier mobility if you would want to move it after initial installation and also the leveling aspect as well.

The ramp requirement will be built after it is set in place to ensure that it matches up with the container right away and further prevent future issues.

Evaluating your site specs for Mobile Cleanroom Installation


Our Mobile Compounding Cleanroom requires minimal to no site preparations nor obnoxious permits and licensing. It’s a simple drop and deploy, plug and play solution that is easy to set up and operate. Our team handles all aspects of the installation procedure. Usually, during the design and planning stage, we schedule and facilitate a site visit to get a better idea of your desired location specifications. On those site visits, we make sure to account for all site preps, making sure that we can link the power and water supply and drains from the facility, or have to incorporate a completely sustainable build.

We can surely configure our MCC to be able to run without being plugged in to any Power and Water supply from the main building, however, for the most efficient workflow, we recommend being connected to the main building lines.



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  1. Wow, it’s nice to know that your installation process requires minimal to no site preparations. We plan to have a cleanroom installation next month. And we want a reliable and trusted company to perform it. Our current cleanroom has incorrect or inadequate airflow; what might be the cause of this issue? Do we need to change the filters from time to time? We want to solve this as soon as possible to prevent any further problems.

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