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Temporary or Permanent Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory Solutions, temporary or permanent, is a true cost, time, and space-friendly solution that provides an outlet for deploying laboratory equipment. Our Mobile laboratories can be used as portable or stationary, temporary or permanent, standalone or additional laboratory space. Having a mobile lab can make testing and analyzing more convenient and quicker for some facilities. The Coronavirus outbreak put a lot of stress on the micro laboratory labs that all of a sudden had to convey a lot of extra workloads.

This sudden and complex increase of the pressure on the laboratories meant that they had to stop or intermittently pause all the other lab processes to assure that they the bandwidth for Covid testing. At some point, one facility contacted us to get involved in the process of having their current lab expanded in a 40″ shipping container, a lab expansion that will handle the covid sampling and reagent processing of the samples in an environment that was as safe as possible for the operators.

The goal to accomplish is to move the Covid suspicious patients outside of the facility, have the sampling done according to the existing sampling protocols, and handle the samples through the lab in a way that greatly reduces risks of getting personnel exposed to the collected samples.

We are also heavily involved in the conventional laboratory solutions for biotech and life sciences applications. We take pride in basing our lab designs on the frameworks of the traditional cleanroom, as the laboratory definition does not require the laboratory environment to be controlled in any way. Considering the fact that we design and build cleanrooms in the standard 40″ shipping containers that are compliant with the appropriate cleanroom standards, our Mobile Labs provide a much superior controlled environment. Our laboratories provide extensive controls to the level of contamination from particles, along with other factors such as temperature, humidity, static, etc.

How our Laboratory Solutions are addition to your clinical laboratory

Our mobile laboratories can be also used as an addition to your clinical laboratory. We’ve completed multiple configurations that allowed our clients to place all of the required labware and lab equipment along with superior office and storage spaces.

Every facility has different requirements, whether its temperature control, specific storage, humidity control or even just additional space, our custom design mobile laboratory solutions can be configured to meet all of your requirements. As in our Mobile Compounding Cleanrooms, the design process is crucial for a successful build.Our team of architects, engineers, equipment planners and representatives work with our clients in the initial needs assessment process. After the assessment is complete, we work on the submission of our first sign-off document, the conceptual design. Usually, within just a few days, we are able to submit an exceptionally detailed 3d model for evaluation and comment.

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