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Existing Equipment in Mobile Cleanroom

All of our Mobile Cleanroom projects start with creating a three-dimensional concept. These drawings are incorporating our clients’ comments and develop a pretty detailed needs assessment. Those always include our clients’ existing equipment.

At this stage, we’re trying to identify the number and the size of the rooms your cleanroom requires. We then start considering the equipment that’s going to be needed. Is it going to meet the USP 797 and 800 compliance? Is it going to be all just a positive pressure or all just hazardous? What kind of equipment requirements are there for the facility?

Typically, we supply all of the equipment that is going into the build. Sometimes, when it makes sense for a client to utilize their own existing components and we do everything we can not only to include those in the initial conceptual design but also make customization based on the equipment that’s going in, in order to have a more aseptic overall finish when the job is done.

Why use your Existing Equipment?

When we’re doing the initial assessment we talk extensively with our clients. This leads to the decision of whether if it would make sense for the client to put their current equipment in the new mobile cleanroom. We do a checkup to verify if that piece of equipment is still running at spec. We also check if the equipment would hold compliant with the regulation that the mobile cleanroom is trying to meet.

One of the things that sets us apart from all of the other Mobile Cleanroom developers is our dedication to work with the equipment you currently have over having our clients to double spend on something that they already have in stock. In our conceptual designs we place all of the equipment that can be re-used, all of the equipment that you currently have as we can certainly make it compatible. That can be your existing engineering controls, pass-through chambers, your refrigerators, shelving, printers and other cleanroom-friendly appliances and furniture.

This does change the whole concept of delivering a plug-and-play solution at your doorstep but certainly provides significant budgetary relief to our clients.

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