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A cleanroom PASS THROUGH CHAMBER has a seemingly self-evident name: it’s a chamber through which you can pass materials. More specifically, it is a chamber that allows you to pass materials into and out of your cleanroom without your employees having to exit and enter the cleanroom and gown. Pass-throughs allow materials to enter the cleanroom while reducing the contamination entering the cleanroom. 
Pass-through chambers come in many different sizes and can incorporate many different materials, depending on the needs of your cleanroom. Heavy duty sealing locks prevent contamination from passing through the pass-through chamber when it isn’t being used, and double door designs can prevent cross-contamination issues. There are also stainless steel corrosion-resistant designs, fire safe designs, and chemical resistant chamber designs, along with designs that can incorporate HEPA-filtered air blowers.


Pass-through chambers, since they allow materials to enter and leave the cleanroom without requiring employees to gown up and enter and exit the cleanroom, have obvious benefits for maintaining a high level of contamination control in the cleanroom environment. Additionally, pass-through chambers increase productivity because they allow employees to work more efficiently—no need to go through the time-consuming gowning and air-showering process every time an item is needed in the cleanroom. 
A pass-through chamber also reduces the number of employees who need to be in the cleanroom environment, cutting down on the potential for contaminants entering the controlled environment. It also means that you’ll need less costly gowns and other PPE on hand. 

The StageThru800 is a negative pressure, isolated, Pass-through, CVE (Containment Ventilated Enclosure) device that is intended to provide a significantly safer way for incoming shipments to be staged and prepped for entry into the hazardous drug compounding area.
This equipment is designed to provide a protective barrier for the operator.  It is not iso-classified.  It is not appropriate for any type of aseptic operation.
The StageThru800 is designed for incoming and outgoing material preparation.  Any product exiting this equipment should be properly decontaminated and prepared for patient transport.

We have also attached the StageThru800 to our negative pressure isolation system, the XLTC800 and have it directly connected with the Containment Engineering controls C-PEC & C-SEC. Besides building and developing our standard layout model, our team at Aseptic Enclosures can customize a StageThru800 enclosure to fit your specific needs and space requirements. We are experts in providing highly customizable enclosure solutions.


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  1. It feels so great to discover that there would be way less contamination when we use a pass-through chamber. The janitor who’s in charge of my office building keeps wondering lately if there’s a better method of handling daily waste in the basement. Perhaps he could make a deal with the right company to provide him with the right device after this.

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