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Sterile Compounding USP 797 Solutions


Sterile compounding is an essential element of patient care. Hospitals and clinics need to evaluate the best way to optimize care and meet regulatory and safety requirements while managing the costs of these important medicines. Our team of experts can help you evaluate external sources and the opportunity and requirements of insourcing this critical function.

Safe handling of compounded medications is a critically important core competency that hospitals must provide to protect patients, staff, and the environment. Unfortunate situations that have occurred in recent years underscore the need for more robust compounding practices and facilities. We can help you provide safe, quality compounding practices that meet or exceed USP 797 requirements. There are many benefits to insourcing sterile compounding. Our consultants can conduct a cost/benefit analysis of your current operations and show you how to optimize current processes, gain control over the quality, and reduce costs through insourcing. Whether expanding an existing operation or developing a new compounding capability, many hospitals discover that insourcing can have a very positive ROI and increased control of medication quality and availability.

Hospitals are often surprised at the excellent return on investment they can obtain by expanding sterile compounding capabilities. The key to success is a sound, practice business strategy with advanced clinical protocols. We can help you take advantage of an opportunity to improve financial results and patient care. Our knowledge and experience will help you determine the best approach for your organization. Let us come alongside your pharmacy to help you move to the next level in sterile compounding, whether you are looking to evaluate an external source, move your services in-house, or further develop your existing capabilities.

Generally, cleaner spaces require more air changes per hour (ACH).
Higher volumes of air require expanded HVAC and design considerations, thus expanding cost.
But the most comprehensive impact on your cleanroom costs is related to the time needed for the construction to be completed.
Usually, it takes the contractors between 3 weeks and 3 months to complete all the HVAC, flooring, and wall installations. At this time your facility either locks up the clean areas and ceases clean production, or your personnel is forced to work out from a third party facility you have to hire.
The solution to these bumps that are going to leave a huge dent in your budget is the Mobile Compounding Cleanroom.

Our mobile cleanroom modules are built to meet your specific ISO classification, pressure, and venting requirements. They are delivered factory tested and fully furnished. Site prep requirements are minimal. Delivery, installation, startup, and certification can all occur in just a few days. HVAC is included. These modules are made for the long haul and provide exceptional durability and mobility.

They are the perfect solution for facilities with limited space, undergoing renovations, or as an economical permanent installation.
Pre-approved, configurations customized to your specification are available for sale or lease!

Call us with your concept and we can quickly supply a 3D model and specification for your implementation.


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