Our XLTC 800 featured in the April Issue of PPP

XLTC 800


Our XLTC 800 isolator was featured in the latest issue of the PP&P Magazine who showcased our patent pending aseptic XLTC isolator that exceeds the minimum standards established by USP800.


A detailed overview of the XLTC800 and how it stands against the USP800 regulations is available on our site:


Our company is quite involved in pharmacy cleanroom planning and design.  Often those projects generate significantly more revenue than the equipment discussed here.  We do have a pretty unique approach to HD room design that incorporates many features of the XLTC800.  Still, we feel compelled to argue for this stand-alone equipment solution.


Call us with your concept and we can quickly supply a 3D model and specification for your implementation.




This link points to a blurb on PPP magazine website:


If you have a subscription to the magazine you can find the article on page number 32 or you can see the featured product in the lite digital edition of the magazine that is available here:

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