Customize Industrial-Quality Workbenches

Customize Industrial-Quality Workbenches

Workbenches are used in many industries including those engaged in manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and shipping. Industrial-quality workbenches are also found in laboratories, educational institutions, research centers, and healthcare facilities. Whether they are subjected to light, medium, or heavy use, these furnishings may become more functional when certain accessories are added. Some accessories are designed for specific environments and others are useful in all industries. For specialized industrial needs, you can customize industrial-quality workbenches.

General Accessories for Industrial-Quality Workbenches

Casters with brakes add mobility to standard or customized workbenches and this may be practical in any environment. Lighting is another universally popular accessory particularly when task work is involved. For example, workers who assemble electronic components may each have workstations equipped with task lighting that illuminates the individual work area, supplementing overhead lighting so workers can see intricate features of the electronics.

Computers have become standard equipment in many industrial environments so any customer may want to add a CPU holder, computer monitor platform, and keyboard and mouse trays to a workbench. These come in different configurations including articulating trays that make it easy to move the keyboard and monitor out of the way when the work surface is needed for other purposes.

Specialized Accessories for Certain Industrial-Quality Workbenches

Many customers order workbenches for very specific purposes or special environments. Therefore, they may need special accessories such as a storage bin panel designed to keep small parts nearby during assembly processes. An articulating storage tray platform supports a tray containing needed items and swivels out of the way when the items are no longer needed. Polypropylene peg boards that hold tools are ideal for cleanroom environments. Workbenches can even be equipped with an overhead tool trolley that uses balancers to suspend an assortment of tools at desired heights.

Workbenches become more like workstations when storage units are added. Cabinets made from metal or laminated wood are designed for general or specific purposes such as storing mail or printed circuit boards. Drawers crafted from plastic, laminate, or metal are compatible with standard to heavy-duty use and some drawer units are mobile and fit snugly under different tables. Whether office supplies, documents, or fragile equipment must be stashed out of the way, a compatible storage unit is available.

Adding Power to Industrial-Quality Workbenches

Integrating electric power into a workbench increases facility safety and makes work more convenient. Power outlet strips can be mounted to the top or rear of a workbench, installed under a shelf, splash mounted, or installed on a steel cross member that runs across the width of the table. Some customers prefer to have power strips mounted below the work surface, keeping them out of sight. Each strip features multiple electric outlets and some have CAT data modules and other receptacles.

In certain environments, the ability to adjust the height of a workbench makes it easier to perform tasks. Table lift systems are manual or motorized accessories that make it easy to raise and lower the table using hydraulics. Users can adjust the table height for their needs and quickly restore it to the original position at the end of their shifts.

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