Covid-19 related deaths equal to the annual HAI death rate

What is the impact of health care-associated infections?

As is the case for many other patient safety issues, health care-associated infections create additional suffering and come at a high cost for patients and their families. Infections prolong hospital stays, create long-term disability, increase resistance to antimicrobials, represent a massive additional financial burden for health systems, generate high costs for patients and their family, and cause unnecessary deaths. Such infections annually account for 37 000 attributable deaths in Europe and potentially many more that could be related, and they account for 99 000 deaths in the USA.

There is a total of just under 4 million cases annually, but the mortality rate and the severity of the infections is really concerning. Furthermore, in some developing countries, the frequency of infections associated with the use of central lines and ventilators and other invasive devices can be up to 19 times higher than those reported from Germany and the USA.

The majority of deaths among patients with HAI was related with this type of infection, and that deaths were associated with comorbidities, patient’s clinical status, performance of invasive procedures, pneumonia, cardiovascular system infection, sepsis, and multidrug resistant microorganisms. The factors that enhanced death risks among patients with HAI were: comorbidities, pneumonia associated or not with mechanical ventilation, orotracheal intubation, and tracheotomy.

With the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases climbing up to 9,039,170, and the number of deaths rising to 232,101, the death percentage of 2.56% is equal to the death percentage of HAIs. Deaths per day from the coronavirus in the US are on the rise again, just as health experts had feared, and cases are climbing in practically every state.

The solution to both of these problems is simple. Many infection prevention and control measures, such as appropriate hand hygiene and the correct application of basic precautions during invasive procedures, are simple and low-cost, but require staff accountability and behavioral change.

The HAI prevention measures are fairly similar, if not the same to the COVID-19 safety measures. So the question is it so difficult for people to change their behavior.

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