Cleanroom Trailers

Cleanroom Trailers Available, Aseptic Enclosures, Factory Buyback

We have 2 ISO7 cleanroom trailers available for rent or purchase. They are both buyback units Aseptic Enclosures originally manufactured that were fully furnished and used for sterile compounding.

The units would be guaranteed and warranted to meet the required ISO and/or USP cleanroom standards. Design of the mobile cleanrooms is also compliant with the requirements of biology, military or medical labs. These portable versions are built into standard 40’ HC containers that have standard attachment points, allowing easy shipping by boat or on the road. Additionally, only an adequate power source is needed on site.

Customization is available. We can custom design the existing cleanroom specific to your application in a very short period of time. and we also install all the components faster than you ever thought possible.

Permanent or a temporary cleanroom trailers:

We care about design, shipping, fabrication, and customer service efficiencies that save us money – savings.Regardless of your preference for getting a permanent or a temporary cleanroom trailer, with or without any customization, we will ship your cleanroom to you on time, arrange for professional installation on your site, and back it all up with customer service that will make you smile.

On site and virtual demos of the cleanroom trailers is also available.

Feel free to reach out immediately to review the equipment in more detail. Simply fill out the contact form on this page or write us on Linkedin and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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