Clean Room Experts

The basic function of a clean room is to protect the manufactured product from contamination. In  pharmaceutical production, the survival of a drug manufacturer is heavily invested the safety of the finished product. So, it is necessary to identify any potential source of contamination, which includes the working environment itself. Requirements of the quality of supply air have increased due to development of new high technologies in different sectors of human activities. Main operation factors which characterize air quality are temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanness.

When it comes to clean room design, fabrication, installation, pricing, and customer service, we do clean rooms right. Whatever you’re looking for in a clean room, from economical soft wall installations to the top of the line hard wall construction for permanent use, our clean room value is second to none. We sell our clean rooms to some of the country’s leading pharmaceutical, biomedical and other companies who insist on the very best for less. Our designs utilize state-of-the-art technologies that feature the latest materials and air filtration systems available.

We can custom design a clean room for your application in a very short period of time, and the components can be assembled on your site faster than you ever thought possible. We take pride in the fact that our clean rooms are the highest quality available, and best of all, we offer rock bottom clean room pricing that absolutely can’t be beat. Our clean room company is all about design, shipping, fabrication, and customer service efficiencies that save us money – savings, of course, that we pass on to you. You’re looking for a reliable company that will ship your clean room to you on time, arrange for professional installation on your site, and back it all up with customer service that will make you smile. We know you have choices when it comes to choosing a clean room company, and for the latest in clean room technology and design, look to us first.




Clean Room Experts

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