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New study explains how low-dose aspirin may prevent cancer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the leading causes of death across the globe, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012.

Hazardous Drugs Remain a Problem for Oncology Nurses

TON – November 2016, Vol 9, No 6Drug Updates & News
Caroline Helwick

San Antonio, TX—Oncology nurses may believe that personal exposure to hazardous drugs is a thing of the past, but they would be wrong, according to Seth Eisenberg, RN, ASN, OCN, BMTCN, Professional Practice Coordinator for Infusion Services, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Ambulatory Clinic, and an expert on hazardous drugs and their safe handling, who discussed the topic at the 2016 Oncology Nursing Society Annual Congress.

Clean Room Experts

The basic function of a clean room is to protect the manufactured product from contamination. In  pharmaceutical production, the survival of a drug manufacturer is heavily invested the safety of the finished product. So, it is necessary to identify any potential source of contamination, which includes the working environment itself. Requirements of the quality of supply air have increased due to development of new high technologies in different sectors of human activities. Main operation factors which characterize air quality are temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanness.

Aseptic Enclosures USP <797> and <800> Pharmacy Planning and Design with Premier, Inc.


Aseptic Enclosures Premier, Inc. Contract: Primary Engineering Control Devices


Sterile Compounding: A Guide for Community Pharmacists

After reading this article you will:

  • understand the principles of sterile compounding
  • understand the requirements for sterile compounding
  • understand the principles of operation of a laminar air flow hood