ACI’s keeps you, and your research safer – Aseptic Containment Isolators do a superior job!

August 24 2016.   Aseptic Enclosures.  St. Louis, MO.   The purpose of this post is to help you evaluate the type of hood you do your sterile and containment work in.  It is our strong contention that much more laboratory work should be done in a class III ACI a.k.a.  Glove-box, Isolator, etc.  They provide superior protection for you and your research and are valuable, even if your research is not BSL4.  Your science, and your health are very important; taking shortcuts relative to the protection of either can have significant short and long-term ramifications.  Unfortunately, in our thousands of laboratory audits, we have found that procedural errors relative to aseptic containment work seem to be all too frequent.  We hope you find this content useful and informative…and of course, if we can help you with any equipment that will provide you and your science with a superior level of protection, please let us know.

–USP 797 Gap analysis download