AESU509, Surface Safe -- $79.95/Box of 15 kits-image

AESU509, Surface Safe -- $79.95/Box of 15 kits

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CHEMO/HD Decon. Two-step applicator kit cleans and inactivates chemotherapy drugs on work surfaces to prevent the risk of cross contamination. Creates a cleaner, safer chemotherapy work surface. Kit consists of two towelettes packaged in numbered packets that are applied to the contaminated work surface in numerical order. The active ingredient in Packet 1 is a 2% sodium hypochlorite soap solution. The active ingredients in Packet 2 are sodium thiosulfate and benzyl alcohol. Each package treats approximately 2 sq. ft. Towelette Size: 5-1/2” x 10”. Each box contains 15 double packets.

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    AESU509, Surface Safe -- $79.95/Box of 15 kits

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