AELN578, Full hand glove liners -- $22.00/6 pairs-image

AELN578, Full hand glove liners -- $22.00/6 pairs

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Our Standard style. Size is Large with a Blue cuff. Stretchable. Our glove liners keep your ’shared’ reusable gloves clean on the inside by keeping perspiration down. They make it easier to don your isolator gloves. Ambidextrous. Liners are washable and reusable.

Specify Size: Small (Green Cuff) Medium (Orange Cuff) Large (Blue Cuff) X-Large (Grey Cuff).

  • Did you know a number of our Isolator customers have bought our equipment for use outside their existing cleanroom and as a result: They have realized tremendous efficiency gains by reducing cleanroom entry time and gowning procedures. They have been able to save their Hospitals significant amounts by reducing associated gowning, cleaning, maintenance and certification costs.

They have eliminated a large part of the pharmacy waste stream.

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    AELN578, Full hand glove liners -- $22.00/6 pairs

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