BootieMatic XL AEBM633 -- $779.00/ea-image

BootieMatic XL AEBM633 -- $779.00/ea

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The BootieMatic XL holds approximately 200 booties at a time. Automation of the bootie process has many tremendous advantages. It is much safer than hopping around on one foot trying to put booties on. This “BootieHop” is dangerous at worst and uncomfortable and time-consuming at best. Because you don’t have to touch your shoes, or lean up against something to put them on, it is much more aseptic. Because the BootieMatic is so fast and easy to use it facilitates a more aseptic environment through enhanced compliance. Call for more details. See Available Booties Below.

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    BootieMatic XL AEBM633 -- $779.00/ea

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