Environmental Monitoring and Sampling Test Supplies

It is important for each facility to understand their environment and potential sources of contamination and implement appropriate controls that comply with USP <797>. This requires proper aseptic facilities, the development of policies and procedures for cleaning, aseptic technique, sterility testing, personnel testing, and environmental monitoring.

USP <797> indicates that sampling frequency is to be done, at a minimum, on an annual or semiannual basis as determined  by risk level, in order to remain in compliance. It is strongly suggested that much more frequent sampling be conducted to insure patient safety and reduce infection liability. Aseptic Enclosures carries all the environmental monitoring and sampling supplies needed to run these testings regularly. Including Low, Medium, and High Risk Media kits, Gloved Fingertip media plates, Surface Sampling media plates,  and Viable Air Sampling plates.  Call us today for assistance and supplies! 1-800-418-9289.



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