DSM Montgomery ISO7 Sampling Room

Aseptic Enclosures were approached by DSM Montgomery, to design and develop an ISO 7 8×12 Sampling room. The sensitive instruments and procedures that are carried out, needed ISO 7 classification for particulate as well as protection from molecular, electromagnetic and magnetic contamination of the sampling procedure.

Aseptic Enclosures designed and supplied a Sampling Room to sit in non ISO classified facility. Due to time restrictions We built the frame as a complete unit that could be lifted into position or disassembled, fitting the polycarbonate panels to the frame, and smoothing the edges with a PVC edge trim, once the frame was assembled in position. For ease of access and considering the size of the of the standard 26” stainless steel drum we installed a 60” sliding door, assuring that the unit will run at the proper FFU specifications at all times.

The customised ISO 7 Sampling Room is a special contamination control environment, required for the critical sample collection, integration and testing.

A key feature of the clean environment was that it be portable so other DSM chapters could benefit from the sampling room capabilities.

To meet the client’s demands Aseptic Enclosures designed this unit to have 2 Fan Filter Units placed on the top of the Sampling Room, along with dual exhaust FFU placed on the opposite side walls. The Fan Filter System is designed to run at 30% capacity and provide 30 air changes per hour. The Supply is averaging 2.650 CFM total variable output, and maxes out to 90 FPM at the filter face. The air supply comes pre equipped with 20×20” prefilter and a HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency of particles collection of 3 microns or larger.
The exhaust is capable of maintaining 2,650 CFM total variable output, up to 90 FPM (at filter face.
One of the FFU key features is that the interior pressure flow rate and exhaust rates are user-definable and can be tuned to meet the required conditions.

To maintain low particulate count levels inside the Sampling Room we’ve placed a Vibra Shaketm dust collector which is a great addition to the environment since it recirculates filtered air, thus saving heating and cooling costs and it provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity.
The dust collector also captures coarse and fibrous particles which usually pile up and might clog the external exhaust system and is considered to be a great budget solution because it significantly reduces plant maintenance costs.

The Pressure display is placed next to the entrance and also features an alarm system as well as Light and speed control box, thus placing all unit controls in one place that improves usability and operation flow.

“The Aseptic Enclosures ISO 7 Sampling Room was selected as it provides the high levels of cleanliness required and its flexible design allows it to be re-sited for future programmes, as required,”

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