Study Finds That Honey Can Protect Against Hospital Infections

According to the research by University of Southampton in the UK, a type of honey known as Manuka honey can inhibit the growth of bacterial biofilms found on medical equipment.

“We have been able to demonstrate that diluted honey is potentially a useful agent for reducing biofilm formation on indwelling plastic devices such as urinary catheters,” said Bashir Lwaleed, associate professor at the University of Southampton, who led the study.

The research raise the prospect of the honey’s potential use in patients fitted with medical devices, such as urinary catheters, which carry a high infection risk. Around 100 million urinary catheters, used to drain the bladder of urine, are sold worldwide every year. Up to one in four hospital patients may have to use catheter. However, long-term use is associated with frequent complications, such as inflammation and infection.

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