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New Definition for Sterile Compounding


Making sterile products is the most critical and difficult type of compounding. The whole chapter was open for public comments during September. We managed to get our hands on a non-paper that has been submitted from the USP.

VA Publishes their Pharmacy Design Guide

Earlier this year, The Veteran Administration decided to step into the game of assuring pharmacy compliance with the upcoming USP 797 and USP 800 revisions. From the study that we published this summer, we can clearly see that over a third of the facilities are not meeting much needed requirements. A huge portion of these facilities are governed by the Veteran Administration.

Don’t Stop Production for Cleanroom Renovation


Sterility Assurance of Hospital Pharmacy Compounded products

Compounding medications is essential to patient care. All types of medications can be compounded (i.e., prepared from component ingredients) if needed, including capsules or tablets, products like creams and gels that are used on the skin, and medications that are injected into the skin, muscle or vein using a syringe or infusion.

USP 800 Checklist: Priority Areas to Address

To prepare forĀ USP Chapter <800>, pharmacies must ensure that they are meeting the right compounding compliance standards.


Identify High-Risk Compounding Practices and Develop Strategies to Reduce Risks, pharmacy staff should develop strategies to reduce risk of compounding sterile products (CSPs) in the practice setting.