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An international group of compounders is working with lawmakers to draft a new letter asking FDA to rescind guidance requiring a patient-specific prescription for each drug compounded under 503A, and to return to states control over office-use compounding, saying the agency’s prohibition on such compounding runs against congressional intent. The call to rescind the guidance comes as President Donald Trump orders agency heads to improve efficiency by shifting functions to state or local governments.

The Guidelines For Pharmaceutical Sterile Preparations

Pharmaceutical compounding is a milestone for the health care industry and an immense benefit for its patients. The spectrum of patient conditions requiring this unique branch of pharmacy is wide, ranging from altered medication absorption to swallowing impairments.

Compounding Pharmacy Owner Not Guilty of Murder After 60 Meningitis Deaths

BOSTON — The frightening pattern of #sick #patients emerged in 2012. First, two people died. Then it was eight. Then more. It was an outbreak of fungal meningitis, a rare disease that investigators linked to injections from a #compounding #pharmacy outside Boston.