Complicated medical situations sometimes call for compounded medications

Do you have difficulty swallowing a pill? Is it hard getting your family pet to take their medicine? Do you have certain ingredients such as dyes, preservatives, gluten or sugar that you need to avoid?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from the McLeod Choice Pharmacy’s nonsterile compounding service.

Compounding is a way of customizing medications for patients who need something that is not readily available. A pharmacist or technician trained in compounding medications combines or processes the appropriate ingredients to create a pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of the patient.

The use of compounding can be helpful for children who present challenges when it comes to taking medicine. To a young child, the taste of most medications is bitter. To make the taste more appealing for the child, we offer a long list of flavors to choose from. There are many flavor options but, grape, bubblegum, cherry, and strawberry are some of our most popular.

Many medicines needed by pediatric patients are not available in liquid form, which might present a problem for parents with children too young to swallow pills. The McLeod compounding specialists can change the form of medicine to liquid, lollipops or gummy bears.

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Compounding also helps patients in the McLeod Children’s Hospital. For example, critically ill newborn infants being cared for in the McLeod Neonatal Intensive Care Unit need medicine compounded upon discharge to a very small dose to accommodate their low birth weight.

The most frequently requested compounded item at the McLeod Choice Pharmacy is medicated mouthwash. Cancer patients often experience burns and sores inside their mouth from chemotherapy treatment. This mouthwash creates a numbing effect to relieve this pain and discomfort.

In addition to the mouthwash, we can offer lollipops with the same numbing medications for children who have had their tonsils removed.

Patients who are at risk for heart attack and stroke need to be cautious when taking some types of pain medications that might increase their risk. Often patients taking a number of prescription pills would prefer to eliminate a pill, if they had another option available. For these individuals, topical pain creams can be compounded for them.

Other compounded creams available include breastfeeding cream that is safe for both the newborn and mom, and a diaper cream that provides both a protective and prescription barrier for a baby’s bottom. The ingredients we use in our prescription-strength diaper rash cream promotes healing for all ailments of diaper rash not available in one over-the-counter product.

Compounding is also an option for animals. Pet lovers understand how difficult it can be to treat animals with medications. For example, cat owners know a cat will not cooperate when expected to swallow a pill, and they are smart enough to eat right around one hidden in their food dish. Converting pills to liquid for a pet’s prescription and then adding their favorite flavor, such as chicken or tuna, can make it more palatable.

McLeod Choice Pharmacy requests 24 hours to fill any compounding prescription in case there is a special ingredient that needs to be ordered. We have a company that conducts research for us to help formulate any special requests. This research ensures that everyone is getting the best product to fit their needs.


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