Aseptic Transfer

In this lab exercise, you will learn to transfer microbiological cultures from one medium to a second, sterile medium without contamination of the culture, sterile medium, or the surroundings.  Why is this important?  In exercise 2-1, you learned that microorganisms thrive pretty much everywhere.  It is far too easy to contaminate your lab tests with stray organisms from the air, the countertop, or your tools. It is also possible to expose your surroundings or yourself to a possible pathogen.Certain techniques are necessary when handling organisms, tubed media, plated media, and inoculating tools such as loops, needles, or swabs.  Using these techniques to maintain aseptic conditions is a process known as “aseptic technique.  ” What is “aseptic technique”? What does the word “septic” mean?  Aseptic technique is a means of performing lab work that greatly reduces the risk of contamination.  Refer to your laboratory text for various methods of transferring microbial cultures; it and your instructor will give you a solid foundation from which you may learn the techniques. Practice, however, is the only way to master such manipulations.

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